Here's just a small scratch on the surface of what Happy Hals can achieve for you

UpGRADE and improve

We can take your old RV and make it new again. We can walk you through the design process, then you can sit back and watch your imagination come to life. 


Needs Lots of Work!!!

No problem. Whether it's repairing critical components in your RV, or this is just how you got it. This is your one stop shop for all areas from inside to out.



Whatever you want to achieve with your RV

We can do it for you!



Bad rock gaurd installation by manufacturer


New diamond Plate rock gaurd installed by Happy Hals.


Severe dry rot, Slide out floor caving in


Old Dry rotted floor removed, and few floor installed and reinforced by Happy Hals.

Painting Stripes

Severely sun damaged decals removed and new stripes painted on by Happy Hals.